About United Football Agency

We are United Football Agency, an exclusive Sports Management Agency based in London. Since our founding, we’ve built up a team of passionate, intelligent scouts and football consultants.

Our mission is simple; to Unite all aspects of football!

Firstly we aim to forge partnerships between Football clubs in the UK and abroad to aid in player development.
Secondly, with the help of some Ex England youth players and a former legend of European and African football we are also going to assist with player representation, mentorship and guidance.

Finally, we will help clubs with training scouts and scouting around the world using our huge scouting network worldwide.

Our hard work over the last few years has produced great results for our clients. Through a wide range of services, we provide strategic guidance by coming up with the right solution for each client we serve to excel.



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Player Representation - From Starlets to Stars

We help players with Agents representation, career advice, career planning as well as sponsorship deals.

The well being and the career progression of our clients is our main priority.So we provide guidance and have assisted a number of professional players with contract negotiations and transfers.

For our younger clients,we offer a mentoring programme with a designed individual training and career planning.

Ex-England U17 player Elikem Amenku is a close partner of our firm.He helps to provide advice to our younger players whenever needed,since he has been on a similar journey previously.

Reaching Great Heights

We believe that when preparation meets opportunity it leads to success.Therefore we are always working hard to take our clients to the next level.
In our short time of existence we have acquired a portfolio of clients including an Ex-Irish U20 Goal Keeper, an Ex-England U17 player and youth Internationals from Ghana and Ireland.
We are highly focused to get these talented professionals to the top of the game.

Club Collaborations

One of our aims is to create partnerships between clubs in UK and overseas.

Since most of our staff are ex talent Identification scouts of top clubs in Europe and Africa,it is important for us to assist clubs in player development.

As such,we are always on the look out for new clubs and academies to collaborate with.This is an integral part of our business.

The vast experience of our scouts also enables us to understand fully what a club needs in terms of player development,recruitment or opposition tactical analysis.

Currently we have collaboration agreements with clubs in Ghana,Ireland,Brazil and Sweden.

Email us for more details.

Scouting and Training Services

  • With our close partnership with Ex West Ham United First team Scout for UK/Europe,Ged Searson and his training company, we aim to provide training to scouts and clubs around the world.​See more information on this below https://www.s4footballrecruitmentworkshops.com/

  • We also have a special service created specifically to help clubs with scouting in the UK and around the world using our huge network of scouts and sports journalist worldwide.Currently we have over 100 scouts worldwide that we can rely on to provide this service.

  • Our able scouts will also assist in Talent Identification, advice and coaching for some of the clubs that we work with.

Soccer Match


Past & Present


Centro Fabrizio Correra

Top Brazilian Academy working with clubs like Corinthians,Palmeiras and Fluminese


St Anthony's Football Club

A youth Football Academy from Ghana producing top talents in Africa.

National League Football Academy

One of the best Football Academies in Ireland producing some of the best talents in Ireland for UK and European leagues


Elikem Amenku

Ex-England U17 player - Working with United Football Agency


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